February 2011

In November 2010 we started with this website/blog.

From then on till now many articles and books of T. Balasuriya were placed in this website/blog and put available for anybody to read.  Some articles and books were written in a period of 40 years ago till nowadays.  The range of publications made available under the topic writings in this blog, spans many issues which to our thinking, did not lose their relevance over the decades.

But the world has also changed much the last 40 years.

Wars have been taking place in Africa, Asian countries, including in Sri Lanka, and especially in Afghanistan and Iraq since 2003. The Socialist countries have changed much. Almost the whole world is now influenced by the neo liberal capitalist economic approach.  Ethnic conflicts, religious tensions and fundamentalism are growing. At the same time the longing for democracy brings fast changes on the international and local level.

In these turbulent times, poverty is still the main reality of many peoples over the world.

We would invite study and discussion groups to comment on the present position of the world specially of population changes and land distribution, land use, food production and distribution.

Further comments are welcome concerning the new issues that have emerged in reality and in human consciousness such as climate change, sustainability of planet earth, new technologies including communications.


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