Here the bibliography of Tissa Balasuriya, some books and articles are made available. If used please refer to this blog/website and quote in an adequate way.

Bibliography of T. Balasuriya


2009 Charity in Truth

2000 Globalization and Human Solidarity

1991 Right Relationships

1990 Mary and  Human Liberation

1984 Planetary Theology

1977 Eucharist  and Human Liberation

1976 Jesus Christ and Human  Liberation (reprint 1981)


2011 The Backbone of Ancient Religions

2011 Response to Major Superiors of Religious Congregations to their Theological Seminar 8-11 february 2011

2011 Feminism by  Bernadeen Silva, with a foreword by T. Balasuriya

2010 Global Warming, the Present Original Sin

2009 The Learning Church or what the World Teaches the Church

2008 Revelation and Revelations

2006 Benedict XVI, Rouse  Yourself

2005 Religion for Another Possible World

1991 Let God Be God

1991 For a Critical Analysis of  Theology

1989 Christ and the World Religions: An Asian Perspective

1983 Feminism and the Liberation of  Theology

1983 The Biblical Message on  Equality (together with Ms Bernadeen Silva)

1978 Spirituality in the Context of  Social Justice

1975 We are Highly Civilised Barbarians

1970 Christians in a Socialistic Ceylon

1969 Respect for the Buddha

1969 The Ebb and Flow of our New Pentecost

1968 On the Need for an Asian Bishops’ Conference

1966 The National Synod